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The Wellington Point Farm is one of the very few remaining operational market garden farms in Redland City. Since the 1800’s until the late 1900’s, fruit and vegetable growing was the dominant activity in the Redlands which was widely recognised and celebrated as “Brisbane’s Salad Bowl”.  

The vision that led to the new commercial development on the Farm, on the one hand grew out of the economic necessity for a sustainable farming future. The vision was crafted by the desire to produce high quality fruit and vegetables for direct sale to the community, promote a “farm to plate” and the healthy eating philosophy. We also endeavor to provide the opportunity to educate the wider community on the food chain and celebrate, in a modest way, the Redlands farming heritage and visual amenity.


Production on the Wellington Point Farm is seasonal with the most activity in the cooler months of the year where the relatively mild climate and the warm red soil are ideal for the crops grown. The signature crop is strawberries which are picked from late May until October. Tomatoes and a range of other vegetable crops are also grown, all selected to meet the goal of selling all production from the Farm through the Market Hall and Farmhouse Restaurant.



Join Famer Adrian at a monthly farmers morning tea for a chance to immerse yourself in the region’s rich agricultural heritage. Learn more about our story and find out what's 'growing on' at the farm.

Complete your visit next door at the Market Hall and pick up some locally grown produce to take home and enjoy.

Please note that this is not a farm tour. For Educational group talks and tours please contact the events team at Wellington Point Farmhouse.



625 Main Road
Wellington Point,
Redlands QLD 4160



Please note that the Market Hall Fresh Produce Store and The Farmhouse Restaurant & Cafe are operated separately.

Wellington Point Farm & Market Hall
07 3207 2401

Farmhouse Restaurant & Cafe
07 3822 9476
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